Return policy

Return Policy|After-Sales Service

Thank you for purchasing "TueTue" products, in order to protect the rights and interests of consumers,

All products enjoy a 7-day hesitation period (including public holidays), please pay attention to buyers, the product hesitation period is not equal to the trial period,

If you need to return or exchange goods, please maintain the integrity of the product, and please read the following items carefully to ensure your shopping rights. Thank you for your cooperation.


❖Precautions for returns and exchanges:

(Add-on products, pre-order products, and products sold in pop-up physical stores are "no seven-day hesitation period and cannot accept returns and exchanges.")

  1. The 7-day hesitation period is not a trial period. Please keep it free of wear and use marks. If the jewelry is scratched or damaged, please do not accept returns.
  2. Judgment criteria for the 7-day hesitation period: If the order on 12/1 is established and the product is received on 12/05, please apply for a return or exchange before 12/12 (inclusive), and so on.
  3. When returning, please keep the product and packaging intact. If the packaging is not complete, "TuiTue" has the right to refuse returns.
  4. Each order only provides one free return and exchange service, please apply for return online within the 7-day hesitation period,

    If you need to add returned products within 7 days, please pay the shipping fee by yourself .

Generally, for returns within the 7-day hesitation period (non-defective returns), the shipping fee for the "Product Delivery" section of the original shipment will not be refunded, and the shipping fee for "Return Shipping" will be refunded.

If you originally met the free shipping threshold, after returning some of the goods, the original order amount does not meet the shipping free shipping standard, and the shipping fee will be deducted from the refund amount ( 60 yuan for supermarkets; 100 yuan for home delivery).


The threshold for free shipping is 999 yuan. The amount of the 7-11 pickup order placed today is 1,100 yuan, the amount of goods to be returned is 500 yuan, and the order balance is 600 yuan (not reaching the free shipping threshold), so the refund amount is: 500-60=440 yuan.



  1. If the deducted amount of the refunded product falls short of the threshold of the original full-value gift activity due to the "full-value gift activity", the gifts given at that time must be returned together. If the gift is unpacked and used, it cannot be returned or exchanged.
  1. If the product exceeds the hesitation period and wants to return or exchange the product, it will not be accepted.
  1. If you receive a defective product, please return it within 3 days (including holidays).
  1. The color of the product picture file may be slightly different due to the difference in computer screen settings, please refer to the actual product color, please forgive me.
  1. Some products (dolls, capsules, customized mobile phone cases, etc.) are ordered or produced on behalf of customers, so they do not apply to the general return and exchange policy. The specifications will be specially marked on the product page, please pay more attention before placing an order.
  2. Regarding orders sent overseas, due to the high amount of international shipping, complicated procedures, and more shipping risks, unless the product itself is judged to be defective or the product has been sent by mistake, it cannot be returned or exchanged once it is shipped. Please forgive me.


❖ How to return or exchange:

Please go to the official website of "TuiTue TueTue", log in as a member, and inquire about the order you want to return, inform the return of the product in the order message communication section, and wait for the customer service staff to reply and fill out the return form.

❖ Return and exchange process:

return the goods:

The customer service staff confirms the return information → please send the product together with the original package and the invoice → the warehouse staff checks the product condition → we will refund after receiving the product.


*It takes 3-5 working days for online credit card refund; 7-10 working days for post office/bank account refund. The above does not include the entry time, and the entry time is subject to the financial institution. *



The customer service staff confirms the replacement information and photos → the warehouse staff confirms that there are identifiable defects or wrong goods

→ If you exchange goods of equivalent value → Please keep the invoice and keep the original packaging and packaging intact. We will send someone to your house to exchange the goods with you.

→ If it is not equivalent to the product → please keep the invoice and the product together with the original packaging intact, and we will send someone to your house to exchange the product with you.


Return and exchange products must be kept brand new, no water, no label cut, no dirt!

Overseas returns and exchanges need to pay the shipping fee


❖ The following situations are not included in the scope of defects:

Commodity size: The normal error range is 1~3 cm.
Product color difference: each device will have color difference due to different equipment.
Very small stain: no more than 0.5cm in diameter.
Creasing, slight thread removal, dye smell, new product smell.

(The above points are within the acceptable range of international inspection standards and are not defects.)


*If there are too many returns and exchanges due to personal factors, "TuiTue TueTue" has the right to terminate or suspend all your shopping and service qualifications*